NEW HORIZON GD301 Draaitafel



Heb je de smaak goed te pakken, maar ben je nog niet helemaal klaar voor het reference model van New Horizon, dan hebben de Italianen daar iets voor je op gevonden. Voor slechts 1899,00 bouwt New Horizon voort op de solide basis van de GDS. De GD301 is voorzien van een in hoogte verstelbare 9" aluminium toonarm op een enkele massieve HDF sokkel van 35 mm. De draaischijf is 28 mm hoog. De 301 is naar keuze leverbaar in zwarte en witte uitvoering. Tegen meerprijs is afwerking in meerdere soorten gepolijst houtfineer mogelijk. Het model GD301 wordt geleverd met een uitgebreid instelbare 9" aluminium toonarm met 2 extra contragewichten wat toepassing van alle gangbare elementen mogelijk maakt. Een voorgemonteerd en afgeregeld Audio Technica AT3600L element wordt bijgeleverd.

HWT Plinth   Mechanical suspension

Heavy Weight and Thickness – The plinth of the 301 has been redesigned with a new weight distribution to improve stability and rigidity. In this turntable the thickness of the HDF (High Density Fibreboard, high density wood pulp bonded to artificial resins) has grown up to 40 mm to dampen vibrations and resonances at subsonic frequencies. This arrangement also allows you to completely separate the power section of the engine and the section of the audio signal to the advantage of the sound.


The 301 is a set of mechanical moving parts and the main internal source of noise and vibrations is the motor which therefore must be isolated as much as possible from all other parts of the turntable. The engine isolation in New Horizon turntables is a unique mechanical suspension system. Through precision steel springs, calibrated on the suspended weight of the motor and pulley, the transmission of the oscillations to the plinth is efficiently blocked.

Belt Drive   Inverted Bearing
The transmission of motion to the plate is realized by a special silicone belt. The choice of this material ensures the best energy transfer and excellent decoupling from the vibrations produced by the engine during operation   One of the Plus Points of the New Horizon turntables is the plate rotation pivot. The perfection of the movement is the result of a long development and several prototypes. Today the piece in production has a sturdy inverted bearing structure in three pieces of aluminum and steel that guarantee the maximum “silence” and very low rotation friction.
Aluminum 9   FLP Plate
To complete the equipment of the 301 is mounted an excellent straight 9 ″ arm with aluminum arm. The movement of this mechanical jewel is based on a double cardan and offers all possible micro-adjustments to take full advantage of the characteristics of any cartridge. In addition to the anti-skating and the reading weight, equipped with three counterweights, it allows you to intervene both on the azimuth and on the vertical alignment of the rod (VTA). The kit is completed by all the tools necessary for its adjustment.   Full Lathed Platter – The appearance is extremely important: the 301 is equipped with an extraordinary 30mm thick Crystal Methacrylate plate, laser cut and then precision lathe machined on all sides. This material has a natural elegance and a high specific weight, perfect for maintaining kinetic energy and dissipating vibrations.

RCA Output Terminals


Dust Cover

New Horizon turntables are best interfaced with your electronics. The 301 is equipped with two separate terminals for power supply and audio signal, so as to effectively isolate the delicate connections that carry the musical message from the cartridge. A high-quality insulating plate accommodates high-quality gold-plated RCA output terminals and a separate ground connector.  

The tonearm, cartridge, platter and other mechanical parts need to be protected when not in use. The handy heat-bent methacrylate cover performs this function very well, giving the 301 solid protection and a prestigious appearance.

- Turntable System: Single Rigid Plinth
- Tonearm: 9″ Aluminium Arm
- Cartridge: Audio Technica AT-3600L MM
- Drive System: External Silicone Drive Belt
- Motor: Synchronous AC
- Decoupling: Motor by Springs
- Speed: 33 1/3, 45 rpm
- Speed Selection: Mechanical
- Platter: 28mm / 2.3Kg Crystal methacrylate, Machined
- Anti-skating: Mechanical by Weight
- Size (WxDxH): 450 x 365 x 155 mm
- Weight (Shipping): 10 (11.7) kg

Included accessories
- RCA Interconnection Cables
- Laptop wired 24VAC / 500mA Power Supply
- Methacrylate Dust Cover
- Owner Manual
- Cartridge Reference Template
- Anti-Skating Weight
- 3 x Arm’s Balancing Weight
- Arm’s Specific Tools