NEW HORIZON GD301 / NH95 Draaitafel



Gepositioneerd tussen de New Horizon Series 200 en Reference Series biedt New Horizon de GD301. Ook hier vormt de basis de basis. Een 24V AC synchroonmotor in zijn unieke New Horizon ophanging, een omgekeerd lager, een ronde siliconen snaar, een stofkap, groot formaat stelvoeten en vergulde chassisdelen. Uniek voor de GD301 is de behuizing die is opgebouwd uit één massieve sokkel met een dikte van 40 mm met hierin een door vier afgestemde veren opgehangen motor. De GD301 weegt mede door het 28 mm dikke acrylaat plateau 10 kilogram en de afmetingen zijn 450 x 365 x 155 mm. De in hoogte verstelbare en vernieuwde New Horizon 9 inch NH95 toonarm is gemaakt van Alumide®. Twee extra contragewichten die toepassing van alle gangbare ele menten mogelijk maken, worden als standaard bijgeleverd. Naast azimuth en antiskating is ook de vertical tracking angle (VTA of toonarmhoogte) instelbaar. Een element wordt niet bijgeleverd. De GD301 is verkrijgbaar vanaf € 1.999. Voor € 2.499 wordt de GD301CER geleverd. Dit model is voorzien van een keramische lagering in de toonarm en een messing plateau-lager. Optioneel voor beide 301 modellen zijn de prachtige houtfineer afwerkingen.

Raadpleeg de prijslijst over de verschillende versies die leverbaar zijn

Model GD301
From the beginning, we have set ourselves to always improve, and the 301 is the fruit of that commitment! Each element contributes to harmonious proportions and at first glance you can feel the energy released by the perfection of the dynamic trajectories that cross the turntable. Excellence begins at the base. The feet are not only support but are an integral part of the plinth, in the dual function of isolation and dissipation of vibrations generated when reading the vinyl. This is why we have completely redesigned and made them with technical materials, enclosing them in an important, unique, beautiful design. The thick plinth is machined from solid to enhance the solidity, encloses and supports the electrical and mechanical organs, providing the mass needed to counter any unwanted vibration. Order and cleanliness reign supreme both below and above the surface, showing only the essential and the seductive. The synchronous motor with elastic mounting, exclusive to New Horizon, transmits motion through the pulley, also redesigned, to adapt to the extraordinary sized plate. Sturdy bones and full-bodied structure for this imposing turntable that translates into a majestic, firm and delicate sound together. Credit goes to the synergy of the elements that compose it including the silicone belt, graceful but tenacious, and the particular inverted bearing result of a brilliant idea developed with a serious design and field trials. From the warmth of wood, the magic of sound. With the new 301 there is plenty of choice among the wonderful finishes available, how can you resist so much beauty?

HWT Plinth
Heavy Weight and Thickness – The plinth of the 301 has been redesigned with a new weight distribution to improve stability and rigidity. In this turntable the thickness of the HDF (High Density Fibreboard, high density wood pulp bonded to artificial resins) has grown up to 40 mm to dampen vibrations and resonances at subsonic frequencies. This arrangement also allows you to completely separate the power section of the engine and the section of the audio signal to the advantage of the sound.

Synchronous AC motor
The turntable pulsating heart is the compact 24VAC synchronous motor whose main feature is its extremely regular rotation, independent from the variations of the mains voltage, given that its speed depends on the mains frequency. The high torque and the rotation speed of 500 rpm actively contribute to the regularity and fluidity of the plate rotation.

Mechanical suspension
The 301 is a set of mechanical moving parts and the main internal source of noise and vibrations is the motor which therefore must be isolated as much as possible from all other parts of the turntable. The engine isolation in New Horizon turntables is a unique mechanical suspension system. Through precision steel springs, calibrated on the suspended weight of the motor and pulley, the transmission of the oscillations to the plinth is efficiently blocked.

Belt Drive
The transmission of motion to the plate is realized by a special silicone belt. The choice of this material ensures the best energy transfer and excellent decoupling from the vibrations produced by the engine during operation.

Inverted Bearing
One of the Plus Points of the New Horizon turntables is the plate rotation pivot. The perfection of the movement is the result of a long development and several prototypes. Today the piece in production has a sturdy inverted bearing structure in three pieces of aluminum and steel that guarantee the maximum “silence” and very low rotation friction.

NH95 New Horizon Arm
The plinth houses the excellent 9″ NH95 straight arm, available in ceramic version too. The movement of this jewel of mechanics is based on four high precision radial bearings. The tube is a sandwich of nylon and aluminum worked to break down the resonances and dampen the section dedicated to the counterweight. In addition to the truly progressive proprietary anti-skating, it offers all the micro-adjustments possible to take full advantage of the characteristics of any cartridge from azimuth to vertical tube alignment (VTA). The choice of accessories is completed by the tools necessary for its adjustment also by a handy sling bar.

FLP Plate
Full Lathed Platter – The appearance is extremely important: the 301 is equipped with an extraordinary 30mm thick Crystal Methacrylate plate, laser cut and then precision lathe machined on all sides. This material has a natural elegance and a high specific weight, perfect for maintaining kinetic energy and dissipating vibrations.

RCA Output Terminals
New Horizon turntables are best interfaced with your electronics. The 301 is equipped with two separate terminals for power supply and audio signal, so as to effectively isolate the delicate connections that carry the musical message from the cartridge. A high-quality insulating plate accommodates high-quality gold-plated RCA output terminals and a separate ground connector.

Feet 6040RD
The New Horizon 6040RD feet enhance the sonic characteristics of any hifi device by providing better vibration and resonance isolation. They are made of Delrin®, steel, low density natural rubber and HQR compound (Hard Quiet Rubber), cleaning the system from spurious vibrations, noticeably improving the acoustic scene, detail and three-dimensionality.

- Turntable System: : Single Rigid Plinth
- Tonearm: 9″ NH95 Arm
- Cartridge: Not Provided
- Drive System: External Silicone Drive Belt
- Motor: Synchronous AC
- Decoupling: Motor by Springs
- Speed: 33 1/3, 45 rpm
- Speed Selection: Mechanical
- Platter: 28mm / 2,3kg Full Machined Methacrylate
- Anti-skating: Real Progressive System
- Size (WxDxH) : 450 x 365 x 155 mm
- Weight (Shipping): 10 (11.7) kg
- Finish: Matt Black or White coating

Included accessories
- Included accessories
- RCA Interconnection Cables
- Laptop wired 24VAC / 500mA Power Supply
- Methacrylate Dust Cover
- Owner Manual
- Cartridge Reference Template
- Anti-Skating Weight
- Arm’s Balancing Weight
- NH Sling Bar
- 2 x Hexagonal Wrench