Mofi Super Heavy Weight



Super Heavy Weight
MoFi Electronics proudly announces the addition of the Super Heavy Weight record weight to its product lineup. Best described as a “super noise killer,” it is intended for use with all makes of turntables—not just MoFi Electronics models.

Introducing the must-have accessory for all turntable owners
Super Heavy Weight was conceived with the assistance of MoFi Electronics’ good friend, Mike Latvis, of Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS). The device uses Latvis’ proprietary polymer material, renowned for its exceptional noise-absorption characteristics. In addition to coupling the record to the platter, Super Heavy Weight significantly reduces noise—specifically, record groove, motor, and bearing noise. Listeners will hear more music due to resultant blacker backgrounds, increased inner detail, improved clarity, enhanced microdynamics, and greater bass impact.

Created by music lovers for music lovers, and born from a desire to get the most music out of vinyl LPs, Super Heavy Weight is a real “ear opener” that offers exceptional value—especially for budget-minded vinylphiles. While no turntable is perfect, adding a Super Heavy Weight guarantees a big leap in sonic performance.

- Dimensions: 3.0” diameter and 1.355” height
- Weight: 367.4 grams, the optimum weight with respect to applying no strain or stress to a turntable’s
   motor, bearing, or suspension
- Outer shell: Comprised of billet-machined 6061 aluminum for an easy grip
- Underside: Made from a soft polymer that ensures damage-free operation with LPs