Mofi Ultra Low Noise Feet in S,M en L



Effective vibration control and noise reduction for any audio component
Developed in coordination with the acoustic experts at Harmonic Resolution Systems, Mobile Fidelity Ultra Low Noise Feet provide substantial vibration control and noise reduction for any component under which they are placed. Featuring an outer housing comprised of milled aluminum, the 1.578-inch-tall feet dramatically lower the noise floor across the entire audio band while doing no harm in the frequency and phase domain, allowing you to hear more detail, nuance, texture, tone, focus, and clarity from all of your music.

Ideal for turntables, dacs, amplifiers, source gear, bookshelf speakers, and more
Super Heavy Weight was conceived with the assistance of MoFi Electronics’ good friend, Mike Latvis, of Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS). The device uses Latvis’ proprietary polymer material, renowned for its exceptional noise-absorption characteristics. In addition to coupling the record to the platter, Super Heavy Weight significantly reduces noise—specifically, record groove, motor, and bearing noise. Listeners will hear more music due to resultant blacker backgrounds, increased inner detail, improved clarity, enhanced microdynamics, and greater bass impact.

All you need to do to experience the benefits is place the component on top of the feet and use the provided level to check that everything is balanced. Then, sit back and listen. You will notice less hardness, dryness, brightness, and much more of what you should be experiencing. Ultra Low Noise Feet work with turntables, DACs, preamplifiers, CD players, power supplies, bookshelf speakers, and more.

- Small ULNF8-16 feet support between 8-16 pounds (specifications for four feet)
- Medium ULNF16-24 feet support between 16-24 pounds (specifications for four feet)
- Large ULNF24-32 feet support between 24-32 pounds (specifications for four feet)
- Made in U.S.A. with a milled aluminum outer housing